A few weeks ago, I was hunting my 5th product on Product Hunt: QApop. That was my first Product Hunt launch as a hunter. I follow all the rules book: answering every comment quickly, asking for support in several groups, asking for help from some influencers.

We did not make it to the top 5 products of the day, unfortunately. We were overtaken by a product overnight and finished the day at the 6th position.

Besides this the launch was a marketing success:

  • 346 website visit
  • 68 new users
  • We sold 50 LTD in 5 days for $2450

You might already have heard about it. LinkedIn introduced a new limitation of the number of weekly contact requests you can send. This is quite an issue for LinkedIn automated outreach as the main outreach workflow starts by sending over a contact request.

Several growth hacks popped up on the internet about how to bypass this invitation limit. The most common one is to use personal email to send invitations. This isn’t a good idea as you won’t be able to personalise the contact request, and it is not GDPR complaint. …

There are plenty of automation tools for linkedin out there. Unfortunately most of those automation tools are designed for English language. So you might run into a few troubles when you want to run automation in another language.

For example if you want to run linkedin outreach in Czech you will have an issue with the vocative (aka. The 5th declension case).

What is the vocative case? It is a declension case used in some language when addressing a person. For example if you want to adresse me in Czech, you should say “Fabiane” instead of “Fabian”.

Yes, you need…

If you try to get referral traffic by answering Quora’s questions, collapsed answers are your worst enemy. If your answer gets collapsed, it appears on the bottom of the page below the last answer, and people will need to click on the button “Answers Collapsed” to see your answer:

A collapsed answer will generate far fewer views than a standard answer. Unfortunately, Quora doesn’t always notify you if one of your answers gets collapsed. You can use the QApop profile monitoring to be notified if some of your answers won’t be visible.

If you want to get a list of…

The data sources

The covid crisis had a tremendous effect on the economic activity. Some sectors like e-learning or teleconference technologies enjoyed some hyperbolic growth, while other sector like travel industry got devastated.

On intentional level there are several interesting dataset available to monitor the impact of Covid crisis:

But there aren’t many data available on the impact on Covid crisis on CEE region. With the exception of…

If the prospect responded, do not automated followup

I wrote in a past an article about how to automated outreach over LinkedIn using the following workflow :

A key good practice about the followup over LinkedIn, is to not send automated followup if the prospect responded your last message. Automation is not able be to handle the different variations and nuances required to adapt your followup to a prospect response. Therefore it is strongly advised to manually followup with prospect who responded.

At the time I was writing my former article PhantomBuster did not support checking if someone responded the invitation request before sending up the followup message…

What will you be able to do:

I this article article I will guide you through a basic Twitter automation strategy, which will boost your Twitter engagement:

Twitter automation workflow

On top of that, you will manage this automation from a Google doc dashboard. This dashboard displays the conversion rate of your Twitter campaign in real time:

Google Smart Shopping campaigns are a powerful tool for eshop. It can create ads campaigns directly from the productfeed of the eshop automaticaly. However it is not advised to generate a single campaign for your entire product feed. You might want to create different ad groups for each product category. You might also want to remove products with low prices from your campaign to avoid damaging your ROI.

Creating multiple ad groups manually is a tedious task. Thankfully in this article I will show you how to do it semi-automatically. The process requires 2 steps:

When you are prospecting over LinkedIn, personalization is key to success. When you target a market with multiple languages like Switzerland or Belgium, sending outreach messages in the wrong language can be a deal breaker.

Splitting your lead database according languages, is quite hard to do automatically. For human beiing identifying the language of a profile is common sense, but automation doesn’t have common sense.

In this article I will show you how to use Phantombuster to split your leads’ database according languages, based on what is written in the profile description.

What will you need?

To setup this automation you will need:

You got a list of website which you know could be interested in your business, but you don’t how to use it? This article is for you!

In this article I will show you how to go from a list of website to a list of usable leads. To do so :

  • You will filter this list of employee according your ideal customer profile.
    All of this, will of course be done with automation.

If you do not have a list of relevant website yet you might consider…

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