• Simo Hosio

    Simo Hosio

    I dabble in science (simohosio.com) and life (kaizenhour.com).

  • Vas Zelinskiy

    Vas Zelinskiy

  • Ken Okinyo

    Ken Okinyo

  • Declan O'Flaherty

    Declan O'Flaherty

    Digital Marketer since 2008

  • Viorica Vanica

    Viorica Vanica

    đź«‚Combining Tech & Psychology to help people have better self-talk via selftalk.space

  • Sarah Daninthe

    Sarah Daninthe

    Former Olympic medalist in Fencing Turned Product Manager Co-founder of NGO Freedom Butterflies Founder FAGHOS and InvestInYouth

  • Roman Stolyar

    Roman Stolyar

    Versatile entrepreneur/team leader with 5+ years building digital products: mobile apps, web apps, websites.

  • Tom Dickens

    Tom Dickens

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