How to filter LinkedIn profiles based on languages (automatically) ?

When you are prospecting over LinkedIn, personalization is key to success. When you target a market with multiple languages like Switzerland or Belgium, sending outreach messages in the wrong language can be a deal breaker.

Splitting your lead database according languages, is quite hard to do automatically. For human beiing identifying the language of a profile is common sense, but automation doesn’t have common sense.

In this article I will show you how to use Phantombuster to split your leads’ database according languages, based on what is written in the profile description.

What will you need?

  • A Phantombuster account with at least 1 free automation slot.
  • A list of leads . If you don’t have any, you can used phantombuster to generate it. That will require on extra automation slot (see the step 0 of this tuto)
  • You will need to create a copy of this google spreadsheet template.

Step 0: Create a list of prospect to work with

If you do not have a prospect list, the easiest way to get one; is to use this phantom to export a LinkedIn search.

Follow this setup instruction and run the phantom.

Once it ran, you can copy the url of the result file and use it as input for the profile scraper phantom (use the button shown below to do so):

Step 1: Extract profile data for each prospect

Pay attention that this will make you visit the profiles, so you will appear in their notification. It is a good way to warm up your prospects, so don’t worry.

Once the phantom ran once you will be able to copy the url of the result file. Past this url on the google template in the cell D2 of the master sheet. This will import the data in the sheet “Linkedin Profile Scraper”.

Step 2: Check the language breakdown of you prospect

The identification of the language is based on the description part of the LinkedIn profile. If the LinkedIn profile doesn’t have a description the language is set to “unknown”. I think you can ignore profiles without descriptions as it is a proxy of low usage of LinkedIn.

Step 3: Make targeted outreach

The sheets “First language Target”, “Second language Target” and “Third language Target” will display filtered leads’ lists according you input in B6, B7 and B8 cells.

Those 3 “language Target” sheets can be used as entry points for automated outreach. You can check out my former article about outreach workflow or phantombuster official list of template to move further.

If you wish to use the Phantombuster official template:

  • In Phantombuster template go to “View”, then “Hidden sheet”, and click on “Profiles Extractor” to make this sheet visible.
  • Go to the “Profiles Extractor” sheet and replace the formula in A1 by: =IMPORTRANGE(“url of the linkin automation language filtering template”, “First language Target!A:D”)
  • Finish the setup of the Phantombuster template.
  • You can edit the formula from step 2 to import data from “Second language target” or “Third Language Target” tabs.

Happy prospecting.

Growth Hacker consultant