How to followup with LinkedIn automated outreach?

If the prospect responded, do not automated followup

I wrote in a past an article about how to automated outreach over LinkedIn using the following workflow :

A key good practice about the followup over LinkedIn, is to not send automated followup if the prospect responded your last message. Automation is not able be to handle the different variations and nuances required to adapt your followup to a prospect response. Therefore it is strongly advised to manually followup with prospect who responded.

At the time I was writing my former article PhantomBuster did not support checking if someone responded the invitation request before sending up the followup message : this was solved.

When you setup the Linkedin Message Sender, in the « Behavior » setup you can select the option « send only if the last message was from me (Follow up ) » :

So you can easily setup this automation workflow following phantombuster official tutorial here :

How do multiple followup?

Now the official tutorial from phantom buster support only one followup message after the contact request is accepted. How can you do multiple followup ?

You can do so using this template. This template will allow you to perform one extra followup on any LinkedIn message. You can chain several of those template together if you wish to make several followups. To keep track of which templates you are linking together you can paste the link of you templates on the master sheet in cells J12 & 13 (this is only for convenience and won’t impact the template inner workings)

You can setup this template in 5 steps:

Step 1 :

To already be sending some LinkedIn message you wish to followup on. You can for example setup the official PhantomBuster outreach workflow.

Step 2 :

Copy the result file url of the “Linkedin Message Sender” you wish to followup on and past the link on the Master sheet in the cell K2. This will import you message history in the sheet « First message ».

Step 3 :

Setup the delay you wish to wait before the first message and the followup ( Master sheet in the cell K5

Step 4 :

Create a new Linkedin Message Sender phantom, in phantombuster. You can follow this tutorial to duplicate phantoms your current Linkedin Message Sender phantom.

When you setup this new Linkedin Message Sender phantom in the « select Linkedin user » setting past the url from the sheet « Followup [input] » of the template. Make sure that the template is visible to anyone with the link in the sharing setup.

Step 5 :

Run your followup linkedin message sender phantom once and copy the result file url on the Master sheet in cell K3.

You are good to go and will be able to check the stats of your followup on the Master sheet :



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