How to handle declension with LinkedIn automation (a Czech example)?

There are plenty of automation tools for linkedin out there. Unfortunately most of those automation tools are designed for English language. So you might run into a few troubles when you want to run automation in another language.

For example if you want to run linkedin outreach in Czech you will have an issue with the vocative (aka. The 5th declension case).

What is the vocative case? It is a declension case used in some language when addressing a person. For example if you want to adresse me in Czech, you should say “Fabiane” instead of “Fabian”.

Yes, you need to change the spelling of the person’s name. While this might be confusing for foreigners, this is quite pickle for automation. You cannot simply use the standard “Hello #FirstName#”, and hope that your message will be “human-like”.

That is the reason why most of the connection requests written in Czech, that I receive, are not personalized:

BTW: I’m getting quite a lot of contact requests in Czech. It looks like nobody read my last article about splitting databases per language.

Process to run LinkedIn automation in Czech:

So I decided to develop some LinkedIn automation templates, which can handle the Czech vocative. In this article I will show you how to setup the following outreach process :

On top of that, you will manage everything from a google doc dashboard, displaying in real time the conversion rate of your campaign:

What will you need

  • A linkedin account , obviously… A free account is sufficient for this kind of automation, you won’t have to invest in a sales navigator account.
  • The url of linkedin search with the people you wish to contact. I strongly advise you to apply a geo filter to Czech Republic.
  • A phantombuster account.
  • To make a copy of this google sheet template

Step 1: export lead from a linkedin search

Setup this Phantom with the url of the linkedin search you are interested in.

Run the Phantom once. Once it is done you will have the possibility to copy the url of the result file:

Paste this url in your copy of the google sheet template on the sheet “Setup” in cell C2

Step 2: Send contact request

Go to the share setting of you template and enable it to be visible for anybody on the internet:

Setup this Phantom: Network booster.

On the second page of the setup you will have to enter a google sheet url:

Go to your template, open the sheet “Network Booster [input]”, and copy the url display in the browser; this is the url you are looking for.

In the 3rd stage of the setup you will be able to customize the outreach message:

You can use the keywords “#Krestni#” and “#Prijmeni#” to automatically insert the vocative version of the first name and family name.

In the last stage of the setup you will have to pick repetitive launch :

The automation will send 10 contact requests every time it runs. Depending on the age and activity of your linkedin account you can send from 10 to 100 requests per day. You can check out this article from Phantombuster for more information about the topic.

Run this Network booster once and copy the url of the result file. Past this url in the google sheet template on the sheet “Setup” in cell C3.

Step 3: Check if people accept your contact request (optional)

Setup this phanom, in the last stage of the setup, pick the option to be running it once a day.

Run it once and paste the url of the result file in the google sheet template on the sheet “Setup” in cell C4.

This automation is going to check your linkedin account, once a day to see if you have new connections. It will allow you to send followup only to people who accepted your contact request.

Step 4: Send the followup (optional)

Setup this phanom to send followup messages to people, who accept your contact request.

In the second step of the setup, you will have to enter a new google sheet url.

Go to the “LinkedIn Message Sender [input]” of your template and copy the url from them.

At the same stage you can also set up your message. The “#Krestni#” and “#Prijmeni#” customisation tag will still work.

In the last stage of the setup pick the option to be running automation once a day.

Side notes

This automation template will allow you to automate your linkedin outreach while keeping a proper Czech grammar. As almost nobody running linkedin automation in Czech, is customising its outreach, this can allow you to stand out quite a lot.

This template leverages the database of name from This database is stored in the sheets “First_name” & “Family_name”. It would be quite easy to adapt this template for other languages with a vocative case, like Lithuanian and Polish. If you know where to find some vocative databases, please let me know.

It would be also quite easy to customize the template to handle more followup or include customisation tags for all of the 7 cases of Czech language. If you are interested in this kind of customisation do not hesitate to mention it in comment or contact Tetriz.

Also in case you got lost somewhere, we can organise some training for your sales team. It might even be possible to organise it in Czech language. ;)

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