Product Hunt Launch Action Plan Template V2

Fabian Maume
2 min readJun 29, 2023

About 7 months ago, I shared my launch template with the Product Hunt community. My template ended up being the 5th product of the month in the Marketing category, and I got a lot of positive feedback.

However, a few things changed on the Product Hunt:

  • The order of products on the home page is randomized for the first 4 hours. That makes the first hours of the launches less stressful, as you have more time to build up momentum. But it also forces you to use 3rd party tools like Product War to monitor the performance of your launch during the first hours.
  • The product hub feature is gaining more and more importance. All upvotes on your launch now automatically become followers of your product page. This allows us to build up an audience directly on the Product Hunt platform and make relaunch much easier.
  • The engagement you can get from posting on Facebook groups went down considerably. I now recommend focusing on Slack and Discord communities in order to promote your launch.

That is why I thought it was time to launch an updated version of my launch template 🙌

My new template now:

  • Cover how to leverage the product hub
  • Offer customized recommendations for relaunch vs initial launch
  • Include a list of relevant Slack and Discord communities

You can purchase the premium template for 30$ using this link .

My free version of my initial template is still available here if you wish to check it first.

If you need extra help preparing your launch, we offer consulting services starting at $200.

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PS: This currently live on Product Hunt

Originally published at on June 29, 2023.